Nandewar Animal Health Services



Our skilled veterinarians can perform many routine surgeries on farm, or at the clinic; including: geldings, stitch ups, eye removals, lump removals, etc, as well as more advanced soft tissue surgeries.

Surgery can help to improve health by repairing damaged tissue, removing disease, improving comfort and return to production.

We can also assist you with your liquid nitrogen supplies for branding.

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We have accredited veterinarians in areas of

Numnuts accredited to ensure our producers can have ready access to the latest pain relief technologies for lamb marking
NCPD (PregCheck) Accredited through the Australian Veterinary Association
Ovine Johne’s Disease MAP Accredited
Bovine Johne’s Disease JBAS Biosecurity Planning
Ovine Brucellosis Disease (OBAS) Accredited
Australian Veterinary Association Membership
Veterinary Practitioners Board of NSW Accredited

Disease Surveillance

Diseases such as

  • Pesti Virus

  • Campylobacteriosis (Vibriosis)

  • Trichomoniasis

  • Johne’s Disease

  • Brucellosis

  • etc.

Can have significant reduction in conception rates, as well as reduction in average daily weight gains

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Speaking with our veterinarians regarding production benchmarks and concerns can aid in diagnosis and prevention of further losses, and improvement of future returns.

Our veterinarians can advise, collect appropriate samples to send to our closely affiliated labs and achieve a prompt diagnosis and rectification of disease processes.