Nandewar Animal Health Services

Pet Health Care

We focus on preventing illness, ensuring our pets remain as healthy as they can be, and continue to enjoy a fulfilled life.
We do this by providing up-to-date opportunities for a full range of services.

Within our clinic for our companion animals in a caring and loving environment.

We strive to work as a team with you to provide, the care you want and need for your pet. From wellness programmes through to diagnosis and treatment of complex disorders.

Vaccines protect pets against many serious diseases and are key in keeping pets healthy each year

Annual dog and cat vaccinations and health checks

Monthly puppy and kitten vaccinations and health checks

Puppy and kitten litter rates *

Pets having an annual health check with your veterinarian can help to pick up any undetected illness that requires attention.

Early detection of health problems can help to avoid long term sickness.

Annual injections or monthly treatments

We can provide products and information to ensure you are using the right de-wormer for your pet’s lifestyle needs

Monthly, three-monthly, or six-monthly products available for both dogs and cats.

Easy identification to make sure pets and their owners can be reunited again if they get separated.

Nutrition is important in any pet’s overall health plan. A balanced diet provides all the vitamins and minerals to support good general health of your pet.

The nutritional needs of our pet’s change as they age so it is a great idea to talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s dietary needs throughout each life stage.

Overweight animals can suffer from diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions, and arthritis. Lean pets live longer. We can help you create a weight loss plan to keep your pet fit and healthy, for a longer, happier life.

Nutrition can also play a role in management of a number of health conditions, including chronic kidney disease, gastrointestinal problems, pancreatitis, and urinary disease.

Pets with smelly breath usually have some form of dental disease – periodontal disease, gingivitis, fractured teeth, tooth root abscess, etc.

If left untreated these diseases can cause pain and discomfort, often leading to the need for treatment in the form of tooth extractions.

Providing regular dental care can help to maintain a healthy mouth and prevent the need for teeth to be removed.

Our surgery suite allows our skilled veterinarians to perform routine surgeries such as desexings (castrations & speys), lump removals, dental extractions, as well as more advanced orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries.

Surgery can help to improve health by removing disease and improving the comfort and overall wellbeing of our pets.

Hospital Services

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Our hospital facilities allow us to comfortably provide veterinary treatment, nursing care, and monitoring of sick pets while they take the time needed to rest and recover.

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Our hospital can accommodate many shapes and sizes, from rabbits, to horses and everything in between.

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We have the availability to board cats and dogs while their owners are away.